Neuroplasticity & Neurogenesis – Building a Better Brain

Throughout life we are basically made to believe that whatever brain we were born with, is what we’re stuck with for life.

That, as you’re about to see, is absolutely and heinously false.

And no, I don’t just mean that your brain ages…I mean that your brain is capable of changing constantly, no matter the age.

Just like muscles of our body, our brain has tissue that is built to rearrange, grow, adapt, improve or decay…based on how we choose to use it.

Neuroscientists made a couple groundbreaking discoveries recently that verify that our brains are indeed capable of change in a serious way.

The fancy word for these 2 incredible principles are Neurogenesis and Neuroplasticity..

Before the discovery of neuroplasticity, it was believed that our brains remained unchanged after we matured during childhood.

So once you hid about 12 years old or so, you had the same brain that you’re going to have through all of your adult years.

Kind of a depressing thought, in my opinion. If this were true, it would mean that after the young age of 12 you have no more say in the development of your mental capabilities.

That has probably led countless people into believing that if you don’t have a “good” memory, then you just got the short end of the straw in the genetic lottery, and your faulty brain was to blame.

Thankfully, this is entirely untrue. Neurogenesis has shown that our brain is capable of growing new brain cells.

Especially in response to mental challenge, and in the process of healing injuries.

And the even crazier part is that Neuroplasticity has been proven in many cases to show that your brain doesn’t just randomly grow new brain cells…it does so as a response to activity!

Especially, learning new skills. So that means when you challenge your brain by learning new skills…it will actually grow new, better, more capable brain cells to be able to handle the new “technology” that you’re installing in there.

So no matter what your brain is like now, it can be improved, upgraded, and beefed up through simple mental “exercise” like the techniques you’re about to learn. And it’s going to PHYSICALLY and PERMANENTLY upgrade the actual structure of your brain forever.

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