Mental Library Builder 4: The Best Kept Secret Of Geniuses And Millionaires

The last mental library builder you can take advantage of to grow your memory-storing capacity and improving your experience of life overall is one that has been a secret of the world’s most successful individuals for thousands of years.

It’s been proven over and over that this one behavior is shared by successful people, and utterly lacking in unsuccessful people.

It’s called Masterminding. Kind of a strange word, but it’s concept is extremely simple.

To build your mental library in a most explosive, fast and powerful way, the most effective method is to surround yourself with a carefully selected group of people who are invested in self-improvement, and in your self-improvement.

Ask any successful person you know and they will tell you that they didn’t make the journey alone, and they don’t try to continue it alone either. If you’re going to grow, you can do it alone the slower way, or you can create a mastermind and zoom ahead quickly.

Select people of mixed backgrounds, skills, philosophies and success levels. If you’re focusing on a particular skill at the time, pick a mastermind just for people who are into that skill.

It’s best to have a mixture of people who are better than you, and people who are more beginner-level than you. The reason for this is that when you have someone better than you, they can teach you new things constantly, and if you have someone who’s lower than your skill level, you can be teaching THEM constantly.

This creates a “feedback loop” for your skill-building and will rapidly accelerate the learning process.

Masterminds also help you by giving you more perspectives for problem solving by tapping into the collected experience, wisdom and knowledge of each member of the group.

Plus, we tend to be much more accountable to our goals when we have other people invested in our success, especially when the going gets tough.

So on the journey to memory improvement, you will make much of your success and progress on your own.

But for those extra booster rockets of success, find or build a mastermind. If nobody around you is interested in the topic you want to learn, then become the leader and start a group. Then you can teach what you’ve learned so far to the other people who are interested, accelerating your own learning in the process, and eventually some of them will learn lessons that will improve yours too.