Mental Library Builder 3: Learn A New Skill

This is another one of those powerful yet simple tricks that has been shown in dozens of academic and medical studies to be a leading indicator in reducing the likelihood that our brains will shrink as we get older.

The reason? Simple. Learning a new skill is one of the ways that we can “work out” our brain.

This builds the capacity and sharpness of our memory.

Skill acquisition was the area neuroscience study that led to the discovery of neuroplasticity, because to learn a new skill your brain has to physically reshape and reorganize itself, based on what is needed to change in thinking to get better and better at the skill, even that skill is something physical like learning to write or to cross-country ski.

When you learn a new skill, physical or mental, it literally grows and strengthens your brain.

Not to mention, each new skill learned adds to your mental library of memory-making images, ideas, and concepts AND adds to your conversational capacity.

The more skills you know, the more people in the world you share interests and common experiences with, and the easier and more fluid it will be to meet, connect and relate to other people. This will make you a more popular, happy and well-liked person all around.

Again, books are a great place to start to learn a new skill. If you want an excellent in-depth exploration of the process of skill mastery, check out “Mastery” by Robert Greene.

Taking classes, study at home courses or online courses are all other great ways to find and learn new skills.

And an additional benefit to learning a new skill or many new skills is that there are a few foundational principles of skill learning and mastery that apply to every skill, so each time you learn a new one, it becomes easier for you to learn the next.

Those universally proven principles are hidden throughout this report, so see if you can recognize them!

The Art of Memory which you’re about to learn is one of the most fun and beneficial new skills anyone can build, so this is a perfect time to start practicing and learning those skill-building principles!