Mental Library Builder 1: Get A College Education (For Free)

This is one of the coolest, fastest, and most bang-for-your-buck ways to build a nuclear stockpile of amazing mental models.

A few years ago, with the rise of streaming internet video, a handful of top-notch universities including Yale, Stanford, and MIT started releasing some of their lectures onto the web.

Then, Steve Jobs and Apple released iTunes University, to collect, organize and make all of the online courses freely available and easily searchable.

Never before has it been literally easy, and FREE to get a college education. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of lectures from schools all over the world that are simply recording the actual lectures that students pay thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to attend, and releasing them forever free to the public.

There are courses for beginners like personal finance, to extreme advanced level courses on starting businesses, learning philosophy, or mechanical engineering.

Most classes even include study guides, notes, and some of the test materials that are included in the class.

From the comfort of your own home, and entirely for free you can literally get a YALE EDUCATION.

No judgment, no barriers of entry, no economic requirements, no stressful tests, no annoying homework, just pure knowledge, growth, and building your mental models collection.

In fact, if you want to enjoy a course that teaches ABOUT mental models and how they’re using in strategic situations, catch Yale University’s introductory course on Game Theory:

It was (and is) mostly way over my head, but it’s absolutely fascinating and the professor does a great job of explaining things knowing that there are mere mortals like us watching from home.

Or try another of my favorites, an excellent introduction to psychology course:

Yale’s Open Course selection is amazing, and presented very well. However, there are many other excellent universities and courses available via iTunes University, in just about any field you can think of.

Harvard has an equally amazing selection!

To get access to a lifetime of free top-notch college courses in every subject imaginable, just download Apple’s FREE iTunes media player:

Then just click on “Itunes University” and… voila!

Ok, now you have no excuses for not building up an incredible collection of helpful mental models, that are each going to rapidly accelerate your memory abilities and give you lots more things to make interesting conversation about with many more people.