How Your Brain Prioritizes Information

One strange way that you’ll soon understand very well because it’s essential to all of the following memory-boosting techniques is very simple.

This is that your brain remembers different things differently, and gives more importance to certain things and therefor remembers them better or worse.

You’re going to discover a powerful memory technique called elaborative encoding, which perfectly demonstrates this principles.

Here are some basic rules to understanding how to make something more “memorable” to your brain naturally:

Your brain remembers…

Novelty better than mundane

Pictures better than words

Emotionally charged better than logical

Funny better than informational

Bizarre better than ordinary….

Absurd better than predictable

Arousing better than blasé…

Alarming or SHOCKING better than safe

Now, you’d probably agree that this all makes perfect sense. But in the sections to come you’re going to learn a few sneaky tricks to using these hard-wired “memory enhancement triggers” to force your brain to remember  ANYTHING you desire…

There are a few other ODD ways that your brain remembers which may surprise you…

We have an uncanny ability to remember spatial memories with near perfect precision.

Let me explain…

Spatial memory basically means recalling how things are laid out in space. So for example, if you closed your eyes right now…could you tell me what room or object you’d see if you walked into your front door and turned to the right?

Easy peasy, right?

Now try this one…how about if I asked you to close your eyes and pretend to guide me through your CHILDHOOD HOME…the one where you grew up, ran around, played games, whatever…

No matter how many years have passed since you lived there…I bet that you could tell me EXACTLY where your room was…where the living room was…the kitchen…

In fact, I bet you could mentally paint a perfect picture of exactly where to turn to go into each of these rooms…even if the house doesn’t exist anymore!

Now, for comparison…could name for me all of the people in your graduating class by closing your eyes?

Maybe even your best friends’ names from childhood? Your teachers names?

Perhaps. But it’s far less likely. And probably requires MUCH more effort. These other things were just as important at that time of our lives…but much harder for our brains to recall… Especially with PERFECT accuracy like you can remember the layout of your childhood home.

And this isn’t a matter of opinion or preference…this is universal in all of our brains. In fact, this near-perfect ability to recall SPATIAL memory is the exactly neurology-loophole that forms the basis for several of the most powerful of the memory strategies used by memory champions and enthusiasts for 5,000 years…

Including the mysterious and powerful Memory Palace method, which you will learn about in detail and learn how to use for yourself at the end of this report that will allow you to have jaw-dropping, friend-impressing, unbelievable abilities to perfectly recall anything you want…No matter how good your memory is now.

Now, we’ll cover more tricks and techniques that harness the natural hard-wiring of your brain in a moment…

For now lets cover the final basic principle of memory improvement, and then dive right into the techniques!