Explosive Memory Growth Technique #1: Build Your Mental Library (And Triple Your Conversation Skills)


First, we’re going to begin by learning something that billionaires warren buffet and charlie munger refer to as their best kept secret to extraordinary success in business, and the #1 most likely predictor of wealth and success, from all the business leaders they’ve seen…“building a latticework of mental models”.

A mental model is simply a process for solving problems. The more of them we have access to, the more problems we’re capable of solving. Think of them as roadmaps for getting from point A to point B. And the better the model that we put into our head for solving that type of problem in the future, the faster, easier and more elegant our solutions will be (the faster we’ll get from point A to B, and with fewer hiccups).

Mental models are the hidden “secret” to smart and successful people. It’s truly their way of “cheating the system”.

See…they know that they don’t have to come up with mental models on their own. They borrow and steal (in a good way) from people who have come long before them and already thought out the best possible solution.

And they either take that model to make their lives easier, OR they improve on the model to create an even better model.

For example, Albert Einstein did not simply “come up with” his theory of relativity. He had been absorbing mathematical mental models from giants that came before him for many years when he simply put a couple of pieces together that would change the world forever.

Same with Stephen Hawking. He developed, fine tuned and tweaked the already existing mental models for thinking about the cosmos after years of study and application and absorbing the best models that the world currently had to offer about cosmology.

Sir Isaac Newton piggybacked off of the research of a little known contemporary.

Leonardo Davinci learned to draw and paint by studying an accomplished local artists as a young man.

None of these “geniuses” simply “came up” with their novel ideas that changed the world.

They started with someone else’s already great ideas.

And the BEST part? You and I can do that too.

There are mental models for any problem that humanity has ever faced…how to lose weight, how to make money, how to be happy, how to find a date, how to build a car, how to shoot a rocket into space and yes…(most exciting of all!) how to improve your memory.

Some are better than others, some are more widely known than others.

“Smart” people find the BEST MENTAL MODELS they can, which builds a structure, a sort of “scaffolding” for new information to “stick” to inside their minds.

And this has NOTHING to do with their natural intelligence…in fact, this very simple tactic is how they BECOME intelligent.

Intelligence is simply a greater set of problem solving skills in a certain subject area.

AKA…Mental Models. 

That’s why the billionaire genius investing team of Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger say that anyone desiring to succeed should build as big of a “latticework” of “interdisciplinary” mental models…basically, a large collection of really well-thought out roadmaps to solving lots of problems in various areas…they recommend mathematics, engineering, literature, biology, thermodynamics…

And their entire life is devoted to businesses and investing!

They both quote this as their #1 advantage over other investors over the years. Because they learned early on that having access to mental models from other areas of problem solving makes you MORE CREATIVE in solving your own problems, whether your problems are in business, investing, gardening, or basket weaving.

The best example of this concept is a study done in which two groups of participants were asked to remember and recall random statistics about baseball players.

One group was full of baseball enthusiasts, and the other with people who knew very little and cared very little about baseball.

This will come of no surprise to you but the group with the knowledge and experience of baseball were able to remember these RANDOM facts about baseball players MUCH better than the other group.


Because they had mental models in their head for WHAT THESE STATS MEAN. They knew the difference between RBIs, ERAs, and other numbers.

To the group with no mental models or pre-existing “scaffolding” to attach these new memories to…they were lost almost instantly.

That’s why we’re going to begin by collecting and building as much “scaffolding” for information as we can.

From this day forth, embrace a lifetime of being a student!

(without the boring homework, of course!).

To improve our minds and memories, we need to find and install more and better mental models. Period. It sounds kind of weird but it’s actually quite easy, there is a simple process and entirely free resources for doing it.

If you walk away right now having only learned this single concept and apply it to your life…you will be a changed person forever. You will feel more confident, and BE more intelligent, even if you’re a smarty pants already.

This is the “secret sauce” behind people who are good at learning skills and mastering things in general.

So to improve your memory PERMANENTLY and substantially, in addition to SIGNIFICANTLY decreasing the chance that you will ever encounter Alzheimers and Dementia, begin to seek out and acquire more and better mental models.

In other words, building your mental “library” up by learning new perspectives, new information, and most importantly, new “models” of solving problems. Now, this is much less of a “quick fix” technique for improving memory, but it is probably the most powerful, long lasting and will have the greatest impact on your life overall.

Research has shown that as we get older, the more we challenge our mental abilities and the more mental resources we’ve built up over our life, the less we have to worry about debilitating diseases like Alzheimers and Dementia.

So begin today by embracing a life of building your mental library by learning not facts and figures, not dates, but models.

Models to help you learn any skill you’ve ever wanted to learn, solve any problem you’ve ever wanted to solve, and accomplish any goal you’ve ever wanted to accomplish.

Everyone who’s ever accomplished anything has used one of the following 4 Mental Library Building Techniques to reach their success, and they’re all available to you too.

Every single area of your life will improve.

Now, let’s break this down into something that you can actually DO to improve your memory, beef up your imagination and creativity skills, and allow you to start activating neurogenesis and neuroplasticity to build your brain power daily.